About DPP

Team Members: Linda Campbell, Kea Mathis, Amina Kirk, Renard Monczunski

Detroit People’s Platform has been able to move forward a great deal of work over the last 5 years. While the ability and tenacity of our leadership and team members has been a vital aspect of our success, the organizational commitment to agreed upon principles, disciplined participation in process-driven strategies, dedication to cultivating trust and strong relationships with community and allies have been invaluable. 

What We Do

The work of Detroit People’s Platform launched from relationships and discussions around race and equity with Social Service providers, their constituents and residents in nearby neighborhoods. We support efforts to organize and build community  power in order to achieve systemic and transformational change for the good of  long term Detroiters.

We Center Race

While intersectionality is important in building an equitable future for our children, we center our work in the reality that Detroit is the nations largest majority black city and demand that our elected officials and those who have taken the reigns of Detroit implement policies that reflect that reality.

Who We Are

Current Detroit People’s Platform is organized by a core team with support from volunteers, allies and coalition members. The  core team maintain relationships with and support community groups, often represent DPP in coalition work and facilitate leadership groups.  These relationships drive our community engagement, public outreach/media efforts, organizing and issue-based advocacy.

Public Outreach/Media

Our public outreach/media efforts are created in support of these relationships and strives to be accessible to everyone. Issue-based ‘one sheets’ are frequently updated and this paper, the Platform NEWS is published 3 times a year. Our online social media, web page and smartphone app are updated based on our print materials. We maintain email and phone networks for our calls to action and advisory alerts.  

Coalition Work 

Detroit People’s Platform is the institutional anchor for the Equitable Detroit Coalition, the  city-wide CBA Coalition and the Housing Trust Fund Coalition. There are plans to reconvene of the Community Land Trust Coalition.  We are also active members in the People’s Water Board Coalition focusing on public health and water shutoffs. We build relationships statewide through our active participation in the Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan and We the People of Michigan. 

Can I Join The People’s Platform?

If you are interested in becoming a member of Detroit People’s Platform or volunteering please share your info “Get Involved, Get Active”