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Proposal P – The Revised City Charter is the People’s Charter

Proposal P is for the People, rebuilds Power and embeds Progressive Policy into our City Charter. VOTE AUGUST 3rd!

P is for People Power Progress
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Detroit People’s Platform strives to protect, maintain & empower majority Black Detroit in the face of efforts to re-engineer the nation’s largest Black city. Learn more about our work for Good Governance, Economic Justice, Transit Justice, Housing Justice and The Commons in Detroit.

Transit Justice

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Housing Justice

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Good Governance

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Economic Justice

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The Commons

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Without the strong leadership and commitment of our long-standing Community Partners we would not be able to build movement. We work with Brightmoor Connection, Jefferson Chalmers Community Advocates and other neighborhood groups who are willing to stand up to the status quo and fight for Majority Black Detroit.

Jefferson Chalmers Community Advocates

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Brightmoor Connection

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Justice for Beniteau Residents

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