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Watch: A People's Story of Detroit

'A People's Story of Detroit', 2015, 62 min - 2 years in the making, this hour long documentary depicts the movement struggles and personal narratives of Detroiters as their city evolves from the once largest and most powerful black electorate in the country to bankruptcy and failed democracy.

Majority Black Detroit Matters

The Detroit People’s Platform (DPP) is building a Detroit where race and the priorities of Majority Black Detroit are centered.  Our work advances racial and economic Justice in the nation’s largest Black majority city by organizing with community residents and community leaders to build grassroots power and transform systems and structures that make real the vision for a more racially just Detroit.

Detroit People’s Platform Foundational Framework, Jan 2021


Community Leadership

  • Investing in and centering community leadership with leadership development
  • Lifting up organizing and public policy agenda driven by those rooted in the lived experience


  • Remaining connected to our communities by adapting DPP’s strategies in order to reflect the needs and priorities of majority Black Detroiters


  • Relationships based on values alignment and community accountability

Centering Blackness

  • Highlighting the cultural and psychological benefits of living in a majority Black city and seeing this value reflected back to us through our elected officials
  • Grounded and guided by principles of racial justice
  • Supporting  Black and POC leadership
  • Guided by principles of  Black liberation and striving to embrace principles of solidarity with movements led by Black people and POC
  • Against White Supremacy


We act in solidarity: Detroit People’s Platform (DPP) centers Black communities in Detroit because we believe that confronting anti-Black racism is the pathway to dismantling systemic racism that affects us all.  We are committed to participating in multiracial campaigns and coalitions that align with our values and seek to address long standing inequities and injustices that impact the Black community. In doing so, we take the time to find commonalities and connections across different communities and issues, and we lend support to anti-racism and anti-white supremacy efforts and initiatives. We are also committed to leading with an intention to build long-term relationships with our partners, and to building an internal practice of reflection and evaluation that ensures our full and meaningful participation in multiracial coalitions and campaigns over time.