Economic Justice


Economic Justice

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Detroit’s revitalization model is deeply flawed and fails to address the economic realities of the city’s majority black population.  Under the current model hundreds of millions of public dollars are diverted into the construction of luxury high rise apartment buildings, the “Downtown Entertainment Complex” i.e. sports arenas, bars, and restaurants, and more private than public transportation alternatives.

For years local advocates have argued for greater investment of public resources in Detroit neighborhoods. That investment would focus on rebuilding our public commons by renovating public libraries and recreation centers, updating local parks and schools and assuring quality affordable housing for residents who face rental cost that are increasingly beyond the income of the average Detroiter.

Detroit People’s Platform (DPP) and the citywide CBA coalition, Equitable Detroit (EDC), have time and again challenged our elected officials to stop the corporate giveaways and the funneling of precious and scarce public resources into the deep pockets of wealthy white billionaires and their investors. For the most part these calls have gone unheeded.


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From Detroit People's Platform NEWS, Fall 2019

In 2016, the community organized and brought forth Proposal A, a ballot initiative designed to strengthen the community’s role and position residents to negotiate with developers for community benefits when public resources are invested in large private economic development projects.

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