Detroit People's Platform has published 23 issues of the Detroit People's Platform NEWS since 2013

The People's Platform NEWS is usually published tri-annually, three times a year, or as needed to support our issue campaigns and community partners.

Please download the most recent issue and issues from the archives covering the last 10 years in the nations largest Black majority city.

People's Platform NEWS

Vol. 20, September 2021

Proposal P: The Missed Opportunity, Emerging Renters Movement in Detroit, Toward a People's Budget, Transit Recommendations for ARP Funding, Data Maps and more.

People's Platform NEWS

Vol. 19, Martin Luther King Day, 2021

Detroiters, Time to Fight for Democracy for Ourselves, 65 years later Bus riders face discrimination, and more

People's Platform NEWS

Vol. 18, General Election 2020

Proposal N, What is it?; The Failed CBO must be amended and more.

People's Platform NEWS

Vol. 17, MLK Day 2020

Featuring: Mike Duggan: Bad Negotiator, 2020 The Decade of the Neighborhood: Development that make a difference, Opportunity Zones; Who benefits? and more


People's Platform NEWS

Vol. 16, July 2019

Featuring: Detroit's Deeply Flawed Development and more

People's Platform NEWS

Vol. 15, Martin Luther King Day 2019

Featuring: A New Social Contract for Detroiters, Profiles in Corporate Welfare

People's Platform NEWS

Vol. 14, October 2018

Featuring: Five Years of Detroit People's Platform

People's Platform NEWS

Vol. 13, Summer 2018

Featuring: Civility, Detroit-Style

People's Platform NEWS 12

Vol. 12, Martin Luther King Day 2018

Featuring: Majority Black Detroit Matters!, Dan Gilbert's Icarus Moment, More

People's Platform NEWS 11

Vol. 11, July 2017

Featuring: Racial Equity, The Missing Strategy from Detroit's Revitalization, There are 2 Detroits

People's Platform NEWS 10

Vol. 10, February 2017

Featuring - Lansing Watch, Community Benefits Movement Update