Brightmoor Connection

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This is the face of Water Shutoffs in Detroit

To survive the next wave of COVID-19, EVERYONE must have access to affordable water. In the midst of a pandemic hitting black people hard, in the nation's largest MAJORITY BLACK CITY

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Water Shut Off Moratorium Threatened

Detroiters have fought hard to bring down the virus infection rates here in the city.  We have followed the rules including wearing our mask, keeping our distance and washing our hands.  We do not want to go back to the days when we had some of the highest COVID-19 numbers in the nation.

Founded in 2008, Brightmoor Connection uses a Client-Choice Model allowing individuals and families to shop by appointment. The Client-Choice model fosters a shopper-friendly atmosphere. Our clients are afforded the dignity of shopping through a grocery aisle without the stigma of a traditional food pantry experience.

  • People receive an estimated 50-70 pounds of food per monthly visit.
  • Our water station assists individuals and families experiencing water insecurity.
  • We also provide services to assist with water reconnections to their homes.

In 2018 the pantry expanded its clothing closet to provide a larger variety of clothes for adults and children. In addition, the pantry provides a special Christmas meal baskets program, children’s coats and boots give away.