Next Round for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

January 16, 2023

Next Round for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Detroiters find themselves facing a housing crisis that is likely to worsen in 2023.  The lack of quality, affordable and accessible rentals and homeownership options in Detroit neighborhoods reflect the national trend of an affordability crisis. In a city once known for “naturally occurring” affordable housing options and high rates of Black homeownership, our elected leaders and policy makers must adopt innovative policy tools. And Detroiters are thinking more broadly and beyond their individual living situations when they envision housing for themselves and their families. 

Detroit residents alongside housing justice activist are calling for an investment of public dollars that goes beyond the typical economic development model that continues to enrich the investor and business class but does little to improve the on the ground living experiences of residents and their families. Residents want greater neighborhood investments that promote direct investment in household health and wellness, housing options that meet the needs of families across generations that are located in environmentally sustainable, diverse and mixed income communities. 

Presently, Detroit is one of many communities across the county with an Affordable Housing Trust Fund (HTF) designed to address at least in part the vision for a different type of housing development model.  The HTF was created by Detroit City Council in 2017 after a three year organizing effort of residents and housing justice activist.  The HTF supports housing development for truly affordable housing that is both quality and accessible for single adult residents, households with children, and older youth with needs for supportive housing.  

The HTF is funded directly with revenues generated annually from city of Detroit real estate and land sales. Recently DPP led organizing efforts alongside HTF coalition members, residents and service providers to win an important increase in funding for the HTF by City Council. The percent of HTF allocations from the annual sales has increased from 20% net profits to 40% - a huge WIN!  So far, the funds have supported truly affordable housing development projects with a contractual agreement for at least 30 years affordability with 70% of investment for households at 30% AMI. 

In the coming year, join DPP and the Housing Trust Fund Coalition as we set long term housing goals for the Fund, advocate for additional funding in the coming 2023-2024 city budget; and monitor emerging developments for alignment with the vision of Detroit residents.