Bedrock’s Back!

June 13, 2022

BEDROCK’S BACK for more $$$

Update - BEDROCK Delayed

On Tuesday June 14, 2022, Detroit City Council delayed their vote on expanding public funding for Dan Gilbert’s project on the former Hudson site. The vote was only delayed until Tuesday, June 21 at 10:00 am. Bedrock is seeking an additional $60 million for what many consider to be a vanity project. Council Members felt pressure from Detroiters who took the time to make phone calls and public comment at the meeting. We encourage Detroiters organize with their family, friends and neighbors to keep up the pressure. At this time, in this moment in Detroit, say No to covering more of the cost of this HUGE vanity project.

  • “Dan Gilbert's real estate firm is seeking an additional $60 million tax break for its Hudson's site project in downtown Detroit.”
  • “Tax capture estimated to total $192.8 million for the developer through year 2052.”
  • “The tower, at about 685 feet, would contain about 100 luxury condos or apartments and a 225-room luxury hotel.”
  • “The project's total price tag grows to $1.4 billion.”
  • “The requested abatement would freeze various local taxes at the Hudson's site at their current levels for 10 years. The site currently generates just over $620,000 a year in taxes that go to the City of Detroit, Detroit schools, Detroit libraries, the Detroit Institute of Arts and various Wayne County educational entities.”

Detroit Free Press, Thu, June 9, 2022

More Axios:

At this time, in this moment in Detroit say ‘NO!’ to this HUGE vanity project.

Contact City Council

Call to Action: Contact City Council

Mary Sheffield

Council President, District 5 - City Page

James Tate

President Pro Tem, District 1 - City Page
(313) 224-1027 - @CouncilmanTate

Angela Whitfield-Calloway

District 2 - City Page
(313) 224-4535 -Instagram

Scott Benson

District 3 - City Page
(313) 224-1198 - @Scottinthe3rd

Latisha Johnson

District 4 - City Page
(313) 224-4841 - @ElectLatisha

Gabriela Santiago-Romero

District 6 - City Page
(313) 224-2450 - @gabysantiromero

Fred Durhal III

District 7 - City Page
313-224-2151 - @FDurhal3 @FredDurhal7

Mary Waters

At-Large - City Page
(313) 628-2363@MaryWaters4Det

Coleman A. Young II

At Large - City Page
(313) 224-4248 - @colemanyoung

Attend City Council, Tuesday, June 14 10:00am

(If attending in person arrive early and fill out a card)

City Council Meetings maybe viewed in the following manner;

  1. Watch via Channel 10
  2. Watch online by using  and clicking on Channel 10
  3. To attend by phone only, call one of these numbers: +1-929436-2866, +1-312-626-6799, +1-669-906-6833, +-253-215-8782, +1-301-715-8592, or +1-346-248-7799, Enter Meeting ID: 85846903626##
  4. To attend online: Online-CC-Meeting



To participate at the time of Public Comment, please raise your hand  within the Zoom application 

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    • Apple Computers = [OPTION] + [Y]
  3. Public Comment can also be submitted via email to

To be consistent with how Public Comment has been handled  for in-person meetings: 

  • You will be called on in the order in which your hand is raised
  • All time limits set by the meeting Chair will be enforced
  • Any hands raised after the Chair ends submission of public comments, will not be able to speak at the meeting