Budget Allocations by Councilmember

April 20, 2024

Budget Allocations by Councilmember

CM Johnson:

  • $2m for Montieth Library

CM Waters:

  • $150k shelter improvements -DDOT
  • $150k Office of Assessor add 1 employee
  • $150k Digital resources and literacy on website- awareness, equity and inclusion (Workforce Development- DESC)
  • $1m capital improvement for Historical Museum
  • $521k Tenant Rights Commission -HRD
  • $1m Senior Accessibility Fund -HRD
  • $100k Senior living study- HRD
  • $150k start young entrepreneurs’ program -DEGC

CM Durhal:

  • $205k Bus driver sensitivity training -DDOT
  • $125k outreach to disabled community add employee -Fire
  • $50k program support for disabled community
  • $177 expand department CRIO add 5 employees
  • $250k capital improvements -Eastern Market
  • $50k media services for disabled
  • $1.2m snow removal -HRD
  • $175k Special events ambassador for disabled residents -Police
  • $100k responsible pet owning advertisement
  • $70k Cole Zoning issue -city council
  • $150k annual retreat -city council

CM Santiago-Romero:

  • $600k Health Nurse support for 911
  • $1m Funding for new arrivals -HRD
  • $100k Joy Rd Corridor Study -Planning
  • $900k Bridge Park -GSD
  • $900k more staff -city council
  • $164k more staff -Ombudsman
  • $1m Participatory Budgeting Program – w/ Sheffield (OFCO)

CM Tate:

  • $1m Revenue Sharing from Marijuana Sales -CRIO
  • $150k Office of Veterans Affairs (create department)
  • $1.2m insurance for Zoo
  • $2m capital improvements Zoo
  • $23k case load help Police Commissioners
  • $2.5m tree trimming -GSD
  • $300k software for Board of Review
  • $131k info analyst -OIG

CM Sheffield:

  • $2m RTC
  • $66k Reparations TF budget extension
  • $1.5m new construction -Eastern Market
  • $125 Board of ethics
  • $6.6m capital improvements CHW
  • $36k senior transportation -Zoo
  • $500k Detroit Legacy Business Fund -HRD
  • $100k Office improvements -Auditor Gen
  • $250k hire 3 employees -Auditor Gen
  • $14k BZA stipend
  • $55k Board of Review
  • $3m capital improvements -36 District

CM Young:

  • $100k LVT study -DEGC
  • $100k housing study for more multi-family -Planning
  • CM Calloway
  • $500k Goal Line Program
  • $250k Black owned farms -Eastern Market
  • $2.5m Lead paint encapsulization program -HRD
  • $100k Ft Wayne Study -GSD
  • $2.5m Merill Fountain Restoration -GSD
  • $40k Street Banners for Livernois -GSD

CM Benson:

  • $260k Additional funding to support Special events -GSD
  • $1.2m Electrification capital improvement -GSD