Budget Changes Proposed by City Council

April 5, 2023

Budget Changes Proposed by City Council


President Mary Sheffield

CouncilMemberSheffield@detroitmi.gov - 313.224.4505

$7M to DDOT to increase transit operating budget to $80M to increase pay for bus drivers

$350k to Reparations Taskforce

$700k to Charles H. Wright general to increase Operationg Budget

$2M to Charles H. Wright for  capital improvements

$221k increase budget for media services

$900k to HRD for Housing CAM (Coordinated Assessment Model) System

$75k to HRD for retail study for African Town

$320k One-time allocation to GSD to provide $2000 bonus to mechanics

$445k to OAG to increase operating budget for Office of Auditor General

$10.5k to Zoning to increase pay for the Board of Zoning Appeals members

$252k to City Council to increase per diem rate for Board of Review members

$260k to Ombudsman to increase budget to hire more assistants

$131k to City Clerk to increase budget for capital purchases

Allocation for OCFO Over assessment

Allocation to HR for tuition reimbursement to city employees

Allocation to MPD to conduct a city-wide parking study for affordable parking

Allocation to increase resereves for salary increases

Allocation to Police to increase funding for victim assistance

Allocation to GSD for improvements to Walter May Park

Allocation to HRD for housing abatement monitoring

Allocation to HRD for Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Allocation to DWSD to increase ARPA funding for Basement Backup Sewer program

Allocation to HRD to increase funding to Right to Counsel  by $12M over 2 years: $6M in FY 2024 and $6M in FY 2025

Pro Tem James Tate

councilmembertate@detroitmi.gov - 313.224.1027

$4M one time allocation to GSD to increase funding for emergency tree trimming and removal

$150k to GSD to build 2 Warming and Cooling Centers

$88k to OIG to increase funding to Office of Inspector General

Allocation to Fire for analysis of Speed Bumps impact on Police and Fire response times

Councilmember Mary Waters

councilmemberwaters@detroitmi.gov - 313.628.2363

$200k one time allocation to BSEED for air purifiers for AMC impact residents

$500k to increase funding to Historical Museum operations.

$18k to Zoning to add 2 At-large members to the BZA

$2M one time allocation to HRD to increase funding for seniors/disabled residents to upgrade homes

Allocation to Health to conduct a senior citizens mental health study

Allocation to Health to increase funding for Mental Health

Allocation for Basic Income Supplement

Allocation to provide $2000 payment to City Retirees

Allocation to increase funding for the Buy Back Program

Allocation to City Council to create a Tenant's Rights Commission comprising of a 9 member board

Allocation to City Council to increase budget for the City Planning Commission

Councilmember Latisha Johnson

CMLatisha.Johnson@detroitmi.gov - 313.224.4841

$200k one time allocation to BSEED for Air Purifiers for residents in the Stellantis -Mack area

Allocation to Mayor’s Office to creation a Disaster Mitigation Plan (for flooding and basement backup)

Allocation to Mayor’s Office to create Resilience Hubs throughout the city

Allocation to GSD for Chandler Park Fieldhouse Dome

Allocation to Library to reopen Monteith Branch Library

Councilmember Scott Benson

bensons@detroitmi.gov - 313.224.1198

$1M for capital improvements at the Historical Museum

$2.4M to GSD for security upgrades to Rec Centers

Allocation to DPW to establish a Pilot Program for Food Waste Recycling

Councilmember Coleman Young II

Coleman.Young@detroitmi.gov - (313) 224-4248

$600k to HRD to re-establish the Green Grocer Program

Allocation to DPW to hire 1- FTE to City Engineers to provide City-wide oversight

Allocation to HRD to buy 3D Printer to help address affordable housing issues

Allocation to HRD for a Retail Study for Native Town

Allocation to HRD for a Retail Study for Chaldean Town

Councilmember Gabriella Santiago-Romero

CouncilmemberGabriela@detroitmi.gov - 313.224.2450

$309k to Health for Detroit ID Program

$3k for the Immigrations Taskforce

Allocation to DDOT to establish a Pilot program for 1-month free DDOT ridership

Allocation to DDOT to increase Bus Driver Compensation

Allocation to Health to conduct environmental impact study of truck traffic on air quality on neighborhoods surrounding the bridge

Allocation to CRIO for language access: having more translators for Spanish, Arabic and Bengali speaking citizens

Allocation to the Neighborhood Opportunity Fund

Allocation to GSD for the Office of Sustainability and after school programing (Add - (1) FTE)

Councilmember Fred Durhal

councilmemberdurhall@detroitmi.gov / Fred.Durhal@detroitmi.gov - 313.224.2151

$7M to DDOT to increase the number of bus shelters city-wide

$50k to Health to increase budget to provide more information to the public on food safety practices

$100k to CRIO for Office of Disability to hire 1 FTE to serve as a liaison between city depts and the disabled community

$75k to increase funding for Capital Improvements

$150k to the Board of Ethics for a learning management system

$100k to Media Services to address the needs of the Disabled Community.

$50K to Port Authority

$150k to Police to create Invisible Disability Training for DPD officers

$100k Assessment of DPD Shooting Range Enclosure at Rouge Park to mitigate sound from practice gun shots

$900k to City Council Budget to increase budgets for each city council

$81k to Clerk to hire (1 ) FTE - Committee Clerk position

Allocation to GSD to create a program/grant to assist community groups in their efforts to maintain side lots in their neighborhoods

Allocation to continue renovation to the Brennan Pool Site-

Allocation to Marketing Services to educate the public on tax abatements

Councilmember Angela Calloway

CouncilmemberCalloway@detroitmi.gov - 313.224.4535

$400K to DDOT for $1,000 bonus for bus drivers (for current active employees)

$1M to CRIO for a Disparity Study

$250k to GSD to establish and fund a Citizen Blight Patrol

$20k to GSD for Palmer Park Lighting Improvements

Allocation to Health for impact study of truck traffic on air quality on neighborhoods surrounding the Amazon Fulfillment Center

Allocation to Health for the Office of Early Learning to acquire facility (Historic Ft. Wayne)

Allocation to Port Authority for feasibility Study to provide a ferry service along riverfront to Grosse Ile