Budget Watch: Budget Outreach and Revenue Results

February 22, 2022

Budget Watch Update:
Budget Outreach and Revenue Results

From January 18th to February 8th, the city held its annual budget outreach in all city council districts. Although resident input varied from district to district, for the most part residents called for improved services for housing, namely a Right to Counsel for eviction related legal cases and a funding increase to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund in order to creates move housing for low income Detroit individuals and families, as well as capital improvements to parks and blight removal.

Last year’s budget outreach initiative was more performance than substance as the city’s final budget did not reflect the concerns voiced by community.

  • Will this year be the same?
  • Will the city fund a Right to Counsel program like residents asked?
  • Will the city allocate more money to the Housing Trust Fund like residents asked?
  • Will the city finally improve the conditions of our parks and libraries?

The city also held the second of two Revenue Estimating Conferences on February 18th. However, due to inclement weather, the city only released the revenue data without a full analysis and pushed the formal meeting to February 25th. In releasing the data, the latest revenue projections show better than expected revenue in comparison to the first revenue estimates in September. Estimates went from $1.118 billion to $1.146 billion, which is a $28 million increase in revenue. Most of the revenue gains were contributed to taxes from job growth and online casino betting.

  • How will the city spend the additional $28 million in revenue?
  • Will it be spent of essential city services and public infrastructure that improves the lives of everyday Detroiters or will it be invested in activities that only benefit a few in Downtown and Midtown and the and the administration’s favorite neighborhood?

To find answers to these questions, community needs to show up and be heard at the upcoming budget events. Let our elected officials know that community has been ignored and that this year needs to be different. Demand the life-improving public services community has been calling for!

The Mayor will present his recommended budget to City Council on March 7, 2022, for their review and adoption. The Mayor’s Recommended Annual Budget is an estimated $2 billion proposal, including an estimated $1 billion of general fund activities. Show up to see if the Mayor delivers to Detroiters the budget that community has demanded.

The rescheduled Revenue Estimating Conference will meet in person in the City Council Committee of the Whole Room, 13th Floor, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center on February 25th at 11am. The conference can also be attended virtually via Zoom using the following link: