Chrysler Annual Update Monday, December 7th – 6 pm

December 3, 2020

Nearly 2 years ago, the City of Detroit and FCA announced plans for the Detroit Assembly Complex on the city’s Eastside.

  • FCA’s project has and will impact Detroiters economic & 
environmental well-being.
  • FCA has used $400 Million in
 Public Tax Incentives
  • FCA just posted $1.4 Billion 
net profits Q3 2020

Since the project was announced residents have demanded reduced emissions, better environmental protections and more money for residents to make their homes safe to live in. They have not been heard.

Attend FCA’s Annual Update and make a public comment.

Watch ‘Beniteau Stories’ to learn what it’s like living next to Chrysler:

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Increased Pollution
FCA claim they are doing more than enough but they could reduce facility emissions more with improved air pollution control technology.

Existing Public Health Crisis
Residents around FCA have high asthma rates and respiratory illness. Many of the pollutants released may make them more vulnerable to COVID-19.

Extreme Public Funding
Nearly 50% of the project is subsidized with public tax abatements.

Resident Demands

1. reduce facility emissions with improved air pollution control technology,
2. increase protections for residents through home repairs and filters on public spaces and
3. improve source monitoring.