Detroit Charter Revision Update – Appeals Filed

May 28, 2021


May 28th, 202, Detroit – Late Thursday, attorneys for the Charter Revision Commission filed emergency appeals in both the state Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court in a bid to keep Proposal P on the Aug. 3 ballot.

A Detroit News article shares this from the filing; "The citizens of the city of Detroit wanted the charter commission to create and propose a revised charter. The charter commission did just that, and to deny the citizens of Detroit the opportunity to vote on their revised charter would be a great injustice and, more to the point, contrary to the law."

This is an appeal to Wednesday’s ruling by Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Kenny that the Detroit Election Commission ‘improperly’ put the Revised City Charter on the ballot. Decisions on election issues are given priority in the courts to facilitate the ballot printing process.

Detroit Charter Revision Commission Chair Carol Weaver released the following statement May 26, 2021. “The elected members of the Detroit Charter Revision Commission are greatly disappointed with the decision by Judge Timothy Kenny of the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan. His opinion disregards much of the law regarding the right of electors to adopt their charters.”

At Detroit People’s Platform we await details on the next steps in the legal process. As we wait there is a deafening silence across the community. Nearly three years of resident engagement in a democratic process that reflects the legacy of progressive Detroit waits in the wings. Other than reporting ‘results’ that are actually not yet final, there has been silence from the media. There has also been silence from many of the current candidates who are seeking our votes in the upcoming elections.

These actions taken by the courts, by special interest and by anti-democratic forces can serve for Detroit voters as a rallying cry or as a whimper of defeat. In the weeks ahead Detroit People’s Platform will be talking to our friends, family and neighbors about what democracy should look like in the nation’s largest majority Black city.

We’re ready for the next round in this ongoing struggle.  Join us!

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