Fisher Body Community Benefits

May 5, 2022

Fisher Body CBA Impact Area News

City's webpage on the project

  • TERMS: AMI = Area Median Income AMI is a definition used by the government to determine eligibility for affordable housing.
  • Note: Nearly A QUARTER (25%) of this project will be funded with public dollars.
  • Note: The proposed Fisher Body 21 project will offer 20% of its units at 80% AMI.
  • Note: 80% AMI is about $52,000 a year, these "affordable units" will rent for an estimated $1200-1300 a month.
  • Note: Current residents around the project make an average of around $30,000 a year.

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Report: Fighting for Equity in Development: The Story of Detroit’s Community Benefits Ordinance

Fighting for Equity documents the struggle for Detroit's first Community Benefits Ordinance (CBO) in Detroit, the inequalities that it aims to address, and the way in which the CBO can further propel the community benefits model. It details Equitable Detroit’s campaign and strategies to date and offers some lessons that its members have learned or reinforced in the process, which they will use to move forward and which community leaders in other cities may find useful in pursuing their own CBO campaigns.

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