Let the City Know Your Budget Priorities

November 7, 2021

Through the Community Budget Priorities Initiative, the current administration has claimed Detroit residents will be included in the budget making process, and that the final budget will reflect the budgetary demands and needs expressed by community.

Residents will have an opportunity to voice their budget demands via public budget meetings, emailing the City, and Charter-mandated Mayor’s Community Meetings and City Council District Evening Community Meetings.

Detroit People’s Platform will keep the community informed about the upcoming dates of the public meetings that provide an opportunity for community to weigh in on the City budget.

As for now, email the city at yourbudget@detroitmi.gov and send them your vision for our City budget. What services need more funding? How should our money be spent to improve the quality of life for Detroit residents? Let them know.

The graph below shows how the City planned to spend our money last year.

Do you agree?

What needs to be changed?