Letter to District Detroit NAC on Affordable Housing

January 31, 2023

The District Detroit

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Date:  January 31, 2023

To:      District Detroit NAC members:

From: Linda S Campbell

            Detroit People's Platform/Equitable Detroit CBA coalition

Dear NAC members:  (Please read the entire statement into the public record. It is a minute long)

We believe that the assumption that 50% AMI does not adequately speak to the affordability needs of residents in the District Detroit impact area.  When we examine the census data we find that neighborhoods are already divided by race and income with majority Black neighborhoods reporting median household incomes of roughly $17k to $28K vs neighborhoods with a greater percentage of white residents who register a median household income of $55k to $78K.

When examining the housing affordability needs of majority Black residents in the District Detroit impact area, it is clear that even a 50% affordability will price these residents out of the neighborhood.

Affordability for a household earing roughly $17K based on accepted definitions of affordability (30% of household income) puts monthly housing cost at roughly $450 dollars a month. Even for households at $28K median income there is a rent affordability of $716.  Note that Seniors account for 43% of these households. These monthly housing cost do not include utilities. These majority Black households are targets for displacement.

Community Benefit Ask   


"As a result, we are calling for, in addition to an annual contribution to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund during the life of the tax abatement period,  that a relocation fund is established to provide funds for housing placement including location of new housing; rental assistance, moving and related transportation cost as needed to families who are displaced over the life of the tax abatement period."

Let us know if there are additional questions.


linda s campbell

Detroit People's Platform

Equitable Detroit Citywide CBA Coalition