Stellantis’ “greenest plant in North America” receives another air quality violation

October 26, 2021

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PR - Another Chrysler Jeep Stellantis Air Quality Violation
October 26, 2021
Contact: Eden Kasmala
Detroit People’s Platform

Stellantis’ “greenest plant in North America” receives another air quality violation
The State of Michigan issues a second violation just weeks after being cited for odors from the production of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L

Detroit, MI – On Monday October 14, 2021, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) issued another Violation Order against Chrysler Jeep Stellantis’ Mack Assembly Plant. This is the second major air quality violation in less than a month for the assembly line producing the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L. Touted to residents as the ‘greenest’ plant in North America, these violations on top of increased health issues validate many of their concerns.

The violation stems from required testing at the plant on October 12, 2021. Through the testing it was discovered that emissions from the paint plant were being routed and released into the atmosphere. This comes only weeks after resident complaints about being overwhelmed by fumes pushed EGLE to issue the first violation on September 20, 2021.

“Apparently they made a major mistake when installing the ventilation” shared Beniteau resident Robert Shobe. “Instead of running it through some kind of filter, they ran it the wrong way and the fumes, the emissions came right out into our backyards, filling our community with poisons.”

Mr. Shobe is part of the Justice for Beniteau Residents group. Beniteau is the closest residential street to the massive Detroit Assembly Complex that accessed over $400 million in tax abatements and incentives. The resident group has been putting pressure on Chrysler Jeep Stellantis, EGLE, the City of Detroit and decision makers who signed off on the plant expansion to take responsibility for the impact of this this tax-funded project.

Since the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L went into production residents have reported intense odors, burning sensations in the eyes and throat and increased illness. The people around the plant have the highest asthma hospitalization rates in the city and nearly double the rates as the rest of the state of Michigan.

On Wednesday October 27th, 2021 EGLE representatives will reportedly meet with Stellantis at the Mack Assembly Plant to discuss the company’s progress on addressing the odors, this new violation and enforcement. Residents and their supporters are insisting that EGLE and Stellantis include their post-violation demands in the outcomes. Beniteau Residents want increased funding for repairs to make their homes safe to live in or for successful relocation and for an adequate buffer to be reestablished between the plant and people’s homes.


Read the second EGLE Violation Order Stellantis has received:

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