Myth Busting Proposal P

July 29, 2021
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Myth Busting Proposal P

There has been too much misinformation shared about the City Charter Revision

On Wednesday, July 28th, Detroit People's Platform hosted a Myth Busting Info Session on Proposal P. There has been a great deal of misinformation circulated about the revised City Charter. You can watch and share this short, 17 minute session from YouTube or Facebook. Please share the Myth Busting 'memes' below.  


  • Taxes - Robbi Sellers
  • Pensions - Russ Bellant
  • Bankruptcy - Tonya Phillips
  • Proposal P is for All! - Rochella Stewart
  • Not the Problem - Miguel Pope

Main Points

  • There is nothing in Proposal P that calls for increasing taxes on Detroiters.
  • There is nothing in Proposal P that threatens pensions. The real threats to
    pensions are irresponsible decisions made by elected officials.
  • Proposal P aims to address problems created by Emergency Management and Bankruptcy.
  • Proposal P Looks out for our neighborhoods, the well-being of our children and their future.
  • Proposal P is not the problem.