Voter Advisory 2024

November 26, 2023


2024 is a presidential election year with both a primary and general election scheduled. The Primary Election will take place in early 2024 and the General Election on November 6, 2024. 

Detroit is a critical city in the important swing state of Michigan.  Recall that in the 2020 Presidential election, Detroit as a majority Black city, was targeted for voter suppression and election interference. Therefore, as a result of this ongoing threat to individual democratic rights, Detroit People’s Platform (DPP) encourages ALL Detroit eligible voters to GET READY TO VOTE! 

GET READY TO VOTE by taking the following simple steps:  

  • Update your Voter Registration.
  • Know your current Polling site location
  • Plan to Vote EARLY and Vote ABSENTEE

In addition, recently passed laws in Michigan have expanded voter protections and voting rights that include the following:  

Permanent Absentee Voter. Sign up to become a permanent mail voter. That is, to submit one (1) signed application that will enable a voter to receive an absentee ballot before all future elections

Ballot Mistakes. Voters will be informed of any deficiencies in their ballots or ballot applications. Voters will be given instructions on how to address the deficiency and given an equitable opportunity to correct any signature-related issues with their ballot or ballot application.

Secured Drop Box. One secure ballot drop-box for every jurisdiction. Drop boxes are available 24hrs a day for 40 days of an election.  On election day drop boxes are available until 8pm.

Various Forms for Voter Identification (ID). Acceptable forms of voter ID can now include IDs issued by educational institutions and by local governments.

Right To Vote. Any Michigan citizen can bring a lawsuit to enforce this right. No person or legal entity can act to interfere with or unreasonably burden the fundamental right to vote.

Election Audits. Audits are conducted under the Secretary of State’s supervision by individuals not affiliated with a political party. Election results shall be determined solely by the ballots cast and certified by the Board of Canvass

Learn More about your voting rights:

Michigan Voter
Information Center

City Clerk’s Office
2978 W. Grand Blvd.
(313) 224-3260