Detroiters need a long-term Water Affordability Policy

April 22, 2020

Detroit is being hit hard by the coronavirus. The broader and longstanding issue of income and affordability in Detroit makes us more vulnerable. We must pursue strategies to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19 and establish strong public health protections.

Right now Detroit has some of the highest water rates in the nation.

The current program to restore water in Detroit is not a long term solution that ensures all households have running water and can pay for that water. In the coming months many of us and many of our neighbors will struggle to pay household bills because of job loss and the slowdown of the economy.

Contact your Council Members!

Brenda Jones, Council President, At-Large
313-224-1245 – @DetCouncilPres

Janeé L Ayers, At-Large
313-224-1027 – @Ayers4Detroit

James Tate, District 1
313-224-1027 – @CouncilmanTate

Roy McCalister Jr., District 2
313-224-4535 – @RoyMcCalisterJr

Scott Benson, District 3
313-224-1198 – @Scottinthe3rd

André Spivey, District 4
313-224-4505 – @AndreLSpivey

Mary Sheffield, President Pro Temp, District 5
313-224-4505 – @MsMarySheffield

Raquel Casteñeda-Lopez, District 6
313-224-2450 – @Raquel4Detroit

Gabe Leland, District 7
313-224-2151 – @GabeLeland

Tell them: “Detroiters need a long term Water Affordability Policy that ensures water remains on in our homes and protects our health.” Urge City Council to vote for a long term Water Affordability Policy.

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