No more tax support for luxury living

January 26, 2021
Call for Accountability – Housing Justice
Sunday’s headliner in Crain’s Detroit Business “With nearly a year’s worth of supply for sale, downtown Detroit’s condo market is oversaturated” validated what many housing justice and economic justice advocates have warned would happen – the overbuild of luxury high rise apartments in downtown/midtown. In other words, too many properties for sale and way too few buyers.
  • Many of us advocated against the awarding of millions of dollars in tax abatements to for profit real estate developers citing the need for a housing plan that realistically addressed the needs of Detroiters.
  • This outcome is rooted in an economic development strategy pitched to everyday Detroiters by the administration and many on city council as a necessity for Detroit’s revitalization.
  • In the midst of the global pandemic when many Detroit families are facing sky high rents and threats of eviction, these luxury units sit empty!
Where is the justice?  Where is the accountability?

Hold our elected officials accountable for the wasteful and shortsighted use of our precious tax resources. 

Detroit remains a tale of two cities – one where there are too many houses for high income earners and too few houses for the majority Black residents. Even in the midst of the century defining pandemic, more than 4,000 eviction cases have been filed in 36th District housing court and many families are self evicting lacking the resources to fight to stay.

In the midst of the Covid pandemic and the Detroit housing crisis, the administration and city council continue to use our precious tax resources to help finance high end luxury housing for private developers. Stop the give away!

No more tax support
for luxury living.  

Call the City Council Planning and Economic Development committee and tell them to say ‘NO’ when private developers demand tax support for their high end luxury housing schemes in Detroit.

Take Action – Call PED Committee Today!

Planning and Economic Development Contact Info

James Tate, District 1
313.224.1027 – @CouncilmanTate

Scott Benson, District 3
313.224.1198 – @Scottinthe3rd

Gabe Leland, District 7
313.224.2151 – @GabeLeland