What is a Renter Power Assembly

December 5, 2021
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What is a

On Saturday November 6th, 2021 Detroit People’s Platform hosted the first Renter Power Assembly.  

Renter Power Assemblies (RPAs) are influenced and guided by the collective and justice-centered principles and popular education tools historically used during larger Peoples Movement Assemblies (PMAs). Project South’s PMA Handbook shares some history; “PMAs are inspired by global social movements that use large-scale governance practices to establish collective action plans across issues, cultures, and geographies.”

Due to Covid concerns DPP’s Housing and Renter Justice Team planned the PRA for smaller groups and social distancing. Typically, PMAs are large gatherings where movement decisions are made, but Renter Power Assemblies shift the model to gather collective wisdom and build power to achieve better outcomes for majority Black Detroit neighborhood by neighborhood.

At 52% of the population, Detroit is a majority renter’s city and 82% of those renters are Black.  Tenants are made to interact with a housing system that routinely works against the interests of low income to moderate income households in favor of those with money, influence, and power.

Renters discussed what is wrong with the housing system and how it not only affecting them and their loved ones, but also how hundreds of renters are also impacted. We talked about:

  • the harm and damage (long & short term) impact on the eviction process on individuals and families;
  • and the power imbalances in the housing system including power imbalance between tenant and landlord, tenant & judge, and tenant & organized money.

Renters also participated in shaping the policy details of the Right to Counsel ordinance and learned more about how RTC  could benefit all tenants in Detroit. Renters discussed the type of Right to Counsel ordinance needed by Detroit renters.

Join the Detroit People’s Platform Housing and Renter Justice Team to learn more and host a Renter Power Assembly in your neighborhood.


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