"FCA “Chrysler” build a wall on the east side of Detroit" Dexter Gentry, The Wall

March 8, 2020

Thank you to Mr. Dexter Gentry for permission to publish the full statement referenced in last week’s Detroit Free Press Article.

Detroit’s hulking sound barrier prompts Berlin Wall comparisons


Dexter Gentry – The Wall

Dec 28, 2019

I speak these words with no love, no happiness, and much sadness, and with regret.  That they build a wall in Detroit, and build it with no respect.  A wall to keep us separate, a wall of the haves and have-nots, and Detroiters I say again, they builded it with no respect. Closing streets and destroying homes, displacing people living in houses that there families already own. Shutting down bus routes that people depend on and need. Closing their eyes and covering their ears so they  don’t see or hear our pleas. This is just blatant of corporate America, it’s all about money and greed. 

And what about safety and the emergency routes. With the police the fire department and EMS, you are putting people in doubt. 

The president Donald Trump said let’s make America great again. He said build a wall to keep them out, and America will be back again. 

This is not Mexico , China or West Berlin, this is Detroit the “MOTOR CITY”, we do not need a wall to begin. 

To the politicians and the clergyman, black, Hispanic, or white, to all ethnic groups, sisters and my brothers we must unite. FCA “Chrysler”  build a wall on the east side of Detroit and this is our stand and we must fight. Detroit is not a prison, we do not need walls to keep us right. This is our land and we must stay together and unite.  They always gave us promises but maybe it was just a dream, but when you go to the Eastside of Detroit you will see a wall standing big and strong, gray or dull white.  This is a eyesore, in my sight. Brothers and sisters this is “REALITY” this is not just a dream. Corporate America came to our homes, our land, our communities, and build a wall on the east side of Detroit and divided us, what does it really mean ???

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Detroit’s hulking sound barrier prompts Berlin Wall comparisons

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