Videos: Beniteau Stories

October 9, 2020

Note: In 2020, the Justice for Beniteau Residents put together this video series to drive signatures to the Color of Change petition. These pre-violation stories are still powerful expressions of resident concerns that were unheard and not addressed when they should have been. 

On the east side of Detroit, Fiat Chrysler, a global player worth billions, is disrespecting the people next to their new assembly and paint lines.

The community next to the plant is majority black and less than half of the residents live above the poverty line. The area has nearly double the asthma hospitalization rates as the rest of the state.

Fiat Chrysler have have applied for up to $400 Million in public funds and only put $8.8 Million of their own money back into community.

Fiat Chrysler have refused to meet with residents who are concerned about or critical of the project and its health and environmental impacts.

The majority of elected officials have supported Fiat Chrysler and the project, dismissing and ignoring the needs and wants of the most impacted, their constituents

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