Right to Counsel Survey Results

December 6, 2021

December 2021 - Currently, 100 households have participated in the Right to Counsel (RTC) survey. We welcome additional participation and ask that you share the survey with family and friends. The more input the better case we build for a powerful Right to Counsel ordinance here in Detroit.

Right To Counsel Survey: https://bit.ly/RightToCounselSurvey

Figure 1

What We Learned
  • 56% say Right to Legal Counsel is for All tenant types*
    *Including where any agreement exists between property owner/management and an individual or family living in the property. (Figure 1)

All survey respondents agree that tracking progress and community input is important to the success of the Right to Legal Counsel ordinance.

  • 43% of survey respondents are in favor of public meetings reporting on activity under the ordinance being held four or more times a year.
  • 59% believe information should include households served, outcomes, experiences as well as program changes & budgeting.
  • 53% believe a quarterly public record that includes program progress, budget, etc should be produced.

Figure 2

Overwhelming majority of survey respondents believes that having legal representation would improve the outcomes of renters in the city in the following ways: (Figure 2)

  • 17% believe RTC would reduce the loss of income.
  • 16% believe RTC would reduce the likelihood of a ruined rental record which affects the ability to rent quality housing in the future and therefore result in homelessness.
  • 42% believe all of the situations identified above would improve as a result of RTC.

All survey respondents believe that attorneys should advocate to protect tenants from the outcomes associated with evictions such as:

  • Unfair payment plans on past due rentsHaving a judgement that results in vacating the property
  • Eviction appearing on credit reportingUnrealistic vacating/moving out period after judgements

Figure 3

Overwhelming majority of survey respondents agree adequate representation is full legal representation and should look like the following: (Figure 3)

  • 54% believe representation for tenants begins once they receive notice through the final legal proceedings.
  • 48% believe representation for tenants should be for any unresolved landlord-tenant issues.
What's Next? 2022 Organizing and Advocacy

In the coming year, DPP will organize with renters across Detroit to advocate with elected officials to WIN a Right to Counsel Ordinance that includes what renters say we will work for them. We are continuing to collect surveys and encourage you to please share this survey.

Right To Counsel Survey: https://bit.ly/RightToCounselSurvey


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